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Curating Memories

Seasoned travelers now choose villa rentals over hotel accommodations for a myriad of reasons. Spacious amenities, privacy and a sense of place can only be provided by a well-appointed residence. And yet, a luxury home alone cannot compare to the services of a fine hotel; The Clear Creek Group elevates villas into full-service rentals by packaging place with five-star amenities. We offer an incomparable coupling of spectacular private properties with our knowledge concierges and our finely-tuned network of service providers. From our vantage point, the distinction is clear: the customized experience of villa rental far surpasses a ready-made stay in a hotel or resort.

Just as you would turn to a professional to lead you up the Grand Teton, Jackson Hole is best experienced with a knowledgeable guide helping you navigate your vacation. From the moment you call to inquire about a property to the morning you step foot inside your chosen home-away-from-home, The Clear Creek Group guides you through the process of plotting your trip to the Tetons. And one person will be your contact throughout, providing sound advice all along the way, rather than the patchwork of people presented by large hotels and resorts. A TCCG rental experience is truly bespoke with every element tailored to each guest.

At The Clear Creek Group, we want to help you make the most of your time in Jackson Hole. “The sky’s the limit,” said Villa Rental Agent and Concierge Alex Echternacht. “We can help you arrange anything from cupboards stocked with groceries to ski passes upon arrival, from a personal chef specializing in gluten-free meals to private yoga sessions in-house.”

Luxurious, well-curated amenities are our specialty. At your request, we can introduce you to the best massage therapist in town or the most romantic table at a top restaurant. According to your preferences and personality, we curate an experience unique to you.

The polished itineraries are accomplished by our agents and their ability to listen closely: to our guests; to the service providers with whom we partner. “Throughout the reservation process, we are mindful of guests’ requests and expectations,” Alex said. “We are in tune with our guests so that we can anticipate the activities they may be interested in. We encourage them to think about the details of their vacation far in advance,” so as to ensure a seamless, sensational vacation.

“We strive for that personal touch,” Alex said. “It’s not room service; it’s life service.”