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Morgan is one of The Clear Creek Group’s Founding Partners.  Originally from Carrollton, Georgia, his love of the Rocky Mountains, fly-fishing, and the desire to be a part of a vibrant, sophisticated, mountain community led him to Jackson.  Within the company, his primary focus is business development, public relations, and marketing.

Morgan’s path to Jackson was circuitous, but well worth the time and effort.  After managing a boutique wine wholesale company in Atlanta and graduating from The University of Georgia, Morgan concluded a change of pace was in order, and the quest to develop a high-end, fly-fishing lodge began.  When it became apparent the development of such a lodge was neither desirable, nor feasible in or near Jackson, a search for trends in hospitality ensued; luxury villa rentals became the obvious alternative.  Unlike other, well known vacation destinations like Aspen, Sun Valley, The Hamptons, or Martha’s Vineyard, distinctive villa rentals were not prevalent in Jackson Hole in 2002.  It seemed the perfect opportunity, a niche unfilled.

Residing in Teton Village, Morgan enjoys cooking, wine, travel, and fly-fishing.  He is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to The Clear Creek Group’s clients and thrives on developing meaningful relationships, both with those clients and with members of his community, one of the company’s key tenets.