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Growing a Collection: In Scope, By Votes, Through Conversation

A museum’s collection can seem mysterious, built over decades of donations, purchases and commissions, driven by an enigmatic curatorial eye. On exhibit, the collection appears complete, carefully woven so as to show no sign of dangling or missing threads. In reality, an institutional collection is an ever-evolving organism, nurtured by museum leaders, trustees and patrons. […]

Down the Hatch, Chicly

Three water refills, a clean table and cleared-out neighbors – all clues that our group was lingering, reluctant to end our night at Hatch. In a town peppered with Mexican fare, the brand new Hatch Taqueria & Tequilas adds a chic element to the mix. Think San Miguel de Allende meets Restoration Hardware – a […]

Lock, Stock and Barrel-Aged

Oak barrels, long the domain of wine and whiskey, are now associated with a trend in cocktails: bartenders the world over are aging libations in oak for weeks on end. Barrel aging softens and deepens the palette experience, making classics like Manhattans all the more enticing. Each ingredient maintains its distinctive characteristics, and yet, the […]

Making Christmas Bright: The Ubiquitous Checklist

Santa wasn’t the only one checking his list twice this Christmas Eve. Before our guests arrive, we complete an exhaustive checklist spanning all manner of details, from fresh flowers to water furnaces. Honored to host our clients over the holidays, we invest great care into every component of their stay. Follow along as we do […]

Après Vous, Mon Cher

The food culture in Jackson Hole is delightfully eccentric. With a vast array of notable restaurants scattered throughout the valley, Jacksonites can  have a difficult time selecting a menu that will satisfy their sophisticated dinner cravings. Whether one opts for the colorful sushi spread at Nikai or a gourmet buffalo steak at the Snake River Grill, a chilly […]

Merry Halloween

The days surrounding Halloween have always possessed a certain confidence, a reassurance to all that Autumn is at its peak. In more temperate climates, you’d be able to identify all the Martha Stewart Living-esque leaf arrangements, festive lawn decorations and window dressings as you traipse through your local neighborhoods. However, in Jackson, where the blustery, […]

The Book Lover’s Holler

In the wake of a busy schedule, countless meetings, phone calls and the unending “ding” of new e-mail alerts, sometimes the most reassuring solace lies in the pages of a good book. It’s in this moment where you allow an author to chip away the monotony of the outside world and lead you by the […]

The Shift

When it comes to autumn in Jackson Hole, the first thing you notice is the warmth. While there’s always a chance there could be a wave of Indian Summer heat that tricks you into thinking shorts are still appropriate attire in October, this particular warmth has nothing to do with temperature. The ground has already […]