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Ranch Stars

March is just around the corner and I’ve started thinking of the many gatherings that are about to take place. With two of my roommates having birthdays next month, a visit from my mom, and at least one going away party for a good friend moving to Georgia, I decided on one of my mom’s […]

Granite Hot Springs by Fat Bike

  The day started off slowly… …much like any other relaxing Sunday morning. After a leisurely breakfast at home and an unsuccessful Sunday Times crossword attempt, my wife Sara, and I decided to spend the day gallivanting around the woods. We’ve both been so focused on our own activities lately (dance for her, snowboarding for me), that we literally hadn’t done […]

White Chili

Another great year has come and gone and with the new year comes a renewed focus on eating better and increasing exercise in an effort to make this the best year yet! Embracing this trend while keeping with the savory “Beets Eats” recipe switch-up, I chose to feature a healthy soup this month. Each winter, my mom always made two […]

Breakfast In A Blanket

The holidays are here which means extra time spent with friends and family, snow (at least in Jackson), and of course, scrumptious treats! With sweet foods receiving much fanfare during the holiday season, it seemed appropriate to switch things up for the next few posts: Welcome to Beets Eats where I will shift recipes from the sweet to the savory. Breakfast […]

Shooting Star Cabin 1, A Reintroduction

Dear Friends- The Clear Creek Group is fortunate to represent a fine collection of distinctive homes across the vast Jackson Hole valley. Cabins, condos, lodges, villas… however they differ in design and decor, they are all under the loving care of The Clear Creek Group. Each and every visitor to those homes is promised personal, […]

Welcome To Fish Creek Lodge 1

Hello all, and happy fall! You probably know by now that The Clear Creek Group takes fabulous care of houses as well as guests! And because of this, we have been able to blend our personal and professional lives to such an extent that our clients and Clear Creek Group guests often become our friends. […]

Ice Cream Cake

Although summer is winding down and the mercury doesn’t climb as high as it did in July, ice cream still remains the go-to treat here in Jackson. As a child, my Mom would often make her own version of ice cream cake, always eliciting rave reviews. Her flavors of choice were vanilla and strawberry. I was never a big fan of […]

Chocolate Beet Cake

A recent confectionary trend has been the substitution of vegetables for sweeter ingredients offering unlikely yet complimentary flavors. Zucchini is a logical substitution as it’s lighter flavor profile and smooth texture coupled with high water content yields mild but predictable results. I began to wonder what other vegetables could be integrated into recipes and go […]

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

This weekend was the season finale of Game of Thrones and we celebrated at a friend’s house with a big cookout and viewing party. Naturally, I wanted to bake something but found myself a bit short on time. With the clock ticking, I went to one of my most trusted, no-fail recipes: Chocolate Crackle Cookies. They’re simple, delicious, […]