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36 Hours in Il Borro

A stay at Il Borro, as TCCG Founding Principal Morgan Bruemmer found, is truly a transcendent experience, a sensuous immersion in both Tuscan history and modern luxury, in international service executed with Italian panache.

Prairie's End Master Bedroom

Hearth & Home: Bundle Up Next to These Wow-Worthy Jackson Hole Fireplaces

The word “hearth” is a cognate of Dutch, German, and Old English origin that dates roughly to 900 A.D. Clearly, humans have been trying to get this fireplace thing right for awhile. In Jackson Hole, the quest for the coziest, most hot-cocoa-and-mulled-wine friendly fireplace continues unabated.

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Community Core

Historically, the market anchored civilization, as in the agora of ancient Greece and the forum of ancient Rome. Now, the concept pervades the modern world with souks, bazaars and mercados serving as the centers of their communities. In Jackson Hole, the market custom has come to life in the form of Pearl Street Market and Aspens Markets, two sites that serve as hubs for their surrounds. The Clear Creek Group proudly partnered with Pearl Street Market on a photo shoot featuring our newest property.

Modeled after a traditional market, Pearl Street Market prides itself on its master butchers and their commitment to sourcing responsibly raised, fished and harvest protein. With this unwavering mission in mind, the market buys whole steers and pigs from Jackson’s own Lockhart Cattle Company and Robinson Family Farm and Ranch in Bedford, WY and Lockhart Cattle Company—both of which raise all-natural, grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free livestock. The butcher department’s case of poultry and seafood abides by the same high standards of quality.

As a one-stop shop, the market’s grocery selection is both well-curated and comprehensive. Organic items share shelves with more conventional fare, and new products complement trusted labels. The produce section abides by the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen guide to pesticides in produce, therefore stocking organic when advised and conventional when appropriate. Rounding out the market offerings, the Aspens outpost stocks cookbooks, gifts, kitchen supplies, cosmetics and more.

As our photo shoot writ large, both Markets nourish their neighbors with fresh, thoughtful fare. Having recently expanded to include Pearl Street Market, this wholesome concept now supports the entire valley. We count ourselves lucky to have a pair of markets anchoring our community.

  • Kitchen Spoons at Aspens Market
  • Pearl Street Market Fishes
  • Aspens Market Store Inside
  • Pearl Street Market Oils
  • Aspens Market Inside
  • Pearl Street Market Books
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Ode to the Fireplace 

While much of the country begins its spring thaw, Jackson remains cloaked in snow. Still bundled in layers outside and blankets in, Jackson residents consider February the halfway mark of the season. Thoroughly set in our winter ways, we have firmly established our cold-nipped habits – prime among them doing everything fireside.

As such, fireplaces serve as the hub of most Jackson homes – both social and aesthetic. Oftentimes the visual anchor of a room, fireplaces help establish the aesthetic of a space. And even with summer’s warm days, brisk nights bring everyone back to the fire. With this Jackson predilection in mind, we peruse our portfolio of villas for some of the finest examples of fireplaces and stoves found in Jackson Hole and beyond. Because if we had to pick the design signature of Jackson, it would certainly be the fireplace.

Whether sparking relaxation or merriment, hearths serve as the heart of our homes.

A look at a few of our favorite fireplaces

Wilderness Meadow

Wilderness Meadow

In villas with views, fireplaces can help frame the mountain majesty. In Wilderness Meadow, windows flank the stone fireplace and provide direct sightlines to the sculpted fairway steps away. In the modern masterpiece Wilderness Meadow, glass surrounds the living area, making nature an integral part of the design aesthetic. The angled concrete chimney complements the mountain slopes within sight of the pristine property as well as the Eames lounge chairs that flank the hearth.

Big Sky

Big Sky

Fireplaces also serve as literal frames for fine art as is the case in Big Sky, where flames complement the fiery palette of the sunrise photograph above the mantle. In the nearby living room, a Western bronze sculpture sits on the mantle, claiming the space of prime importance.

Granite Ridge Homestead

Granite Ridge HomesteadGranite Ridge Homestead takes a similar curatorial approach. Masterworks flank the fireplace, including a beautiful American Indian hide painting and a Kate Hunt sculpture.

Phillips Ridge

Phillips RidgeFireplaces can cue relaxation. Consider Phillips Ridge, where warm nooks are nestled next to sculptural bathtubs in the master and third guest suite. TVs also accompany a soak, making for meeting of old warmth and modern convenience. Granite Ridge Lodges boast fireplaces in master suites, adding to the intimacy.

Fish Creek Lodges

Fish Creek LodgesIn the Fish Creek Lodges, the two-story chimneys become exclamation points of scale for the soaring great rooms.

Canyon Land

Canyon Land

Setting at aesthetic tone, the main fireplace at Canyon Land speaks to the architectural foresight found throughout the home: log storage is deftly designed into the stonework, creating a moment of convenience and visual cohesion. The same architectural signature can be found inside the Fish Creek Lodges: in addition to the integrated log storage, a barnwood inset – nearly camouflaged by the Montana moss stone fireplace – provides covert cover for the flat-screen TV and evidence of ingenious design.

Home on the Range

Home on the Range

In Home on the Range, intricate stonework creates a graceful portico around the fire, an aesthetic echoed in the dining room and master suite.

Snow Ridge

Snow Ridge

The sophisticated palette applied to Snow Ridge begins with the serenely contemporary statement made by the creamy marble fireplace.

Prairie’s End

Prairie's End

At Prairie’s End, the chimney, sheathed in barnwood, echoes the shape of a barn – a meta-moment ruminating on material and space.

On the Elk Refuge

On the Elk RefugeTerraced fire pits offer opportunities for unforgettable moments spent fireside outdoors. The fire pit at On the Elk Refuge provides the quintessential experience of place with direct views of the full Teton range.

Spirit Dance Lodge

Spirit Dance Lodge

Spirit Dance Lodge may claim the most covetable fire pit in all of Jackson. Built into an oval terrace, the fire pit is perched high above the Snake River Valley, providing unparalleled panoramic views.

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke

At Prairie Smoke, a red-enameled wood burning stove lends character to the cozy guesthouse.

Wilderness Meadow

Wilderness Meadow 2

Less classic, Wilderness Meadow placed a modern metal stove inside the master suite, a design choice that complements the impeccably contemporary aesthetic applied throughout the residence.

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With A Little Help From Our Friends

Hospitality means making guests feel at home even when far from home. Essential to that feeling is the presence of a trusted network. Knowing Jackson Hole as well as we do, TCCG introduces our guests to our friends – fellow small-businesses with deep roots in the valley who take pride in providing the best service possible.

On a recent photo shoot for a new villa rental, we collaborated with a pair of talented friends: Teton Thai and Jackson Hole Flower Co. Beloved by all, Teton Thai and Jackson Hole Flower Co. epitomize the inspired creativity coursing through our corner of the West. The warm scene they created for TCCG inside the Shooting Star property speaks to their skills as proprietors. Grateful for their participation in the staging, we wanted to share a sketch of each business to inspire holiday homemaking… with the help of our friends.

TTTTeton Thai

Husband-and-wife duo Sam and Suchada Johnson enjoy a cult following at their Teton Village eatery, where a hip vibe pairs perfectly with authentic Thai fare. Abuzz all year, Teton Thai boasts a bustling deck business in the summer and a casual-cool après scene come winter. With only 20 seats inside, take-out is an excellent option. On a stormy night, cozy up by the enclosed fire with a cocktail as you await your spicy repast.


JHFCoJackson Hole Flower Co.

Whether planning a special occasion or decorating for the holidays, Jackson Hole Flower Co. creates stylish floral designs reflective of place and personality. From her cabin boutique in downtown Wilson, owner Sue Bullock makes floral magic happen. Ever attune to her surroundings, she pairs native textures with a contemporary aesthetic to create living works of art. Succulents, orchids, grasses and herbs all find a home in her elegant arrangements. Sue also specializes in garden design by translating the palettes people use in their interiors into natural exterior expressions.

Sam, Suchada and Sue share their talents through retail outlets, conveniently located within close range of the Shooting Star villa they helped us stage. Neighbors in Teton Village, Teton Thai sits within walking distance of the villa, and could even be considered en route home after a day on the slopes. Jackson Hole Flower Co. lies in the nearby hamlet of Wilson, a short drive away from Shooting Star. Pair a visit to the blooming boutique with a hearty breakfast at its neighbor Nora’s Fish Creek Inn, a bagel from Pearl Street Bagels down the block, or a supplies stock-up at Hungry Jack’s General Store across the street. Both businesses serve as Westbank mainstays, as convenient as they are creative.

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Curating Memories

Seasoned travelers now choose villa rentals over hotel accommodations for a myriad of reasons. Spacious amenities, privacy and a sense of place can only be provided by a well-appointed residence. And yet, a luxury home alone cannot compare to the services of a fine hotel; The Clear Creek Group elevates villas into full-service rentals by packaging place with five-star amenities. We offer an incomparable coupling of spectacular private properties with our knowledge concierges and our finely-tuned network of service providers. From our vantage point, the distinction is clear: the customized experience of villa rental far surpasses a ready-made stay in a hotel or resort.

Just as you would turn to a professional to lead you up the Grand Teton, Jackson Hole is best experienced with a knowledgeable guide helping you navigate your vacation. From the moment you call to inquire about a property to the morning you step foot inside your chosen home-away-from-home, The Clear Creek Group guides you through the process of plotting your trip to the Tetons. And one person will be your contact throughout, providing sound advice all along the way, rather than the patchwork of people presented by large hotels and resorts. A TCCG rental experience is truly bespoke with every element tailored to each guest.

At The Clear Creek Group, we want to help you make the most of your time in Jackson Hole. “The sky’s the limit,” said Villa Rental Agent and Concierge Alex Echternacht. “We can help you arrange anything from cupboards stocked with groceries to ski passes upon arrival, from a personal chef specializing in gluten-free meals to private yoga sessions in-house.”

Luxurious, well-curated amenities are our specialty. At your request, we can introduce you to the best massage therapist in town or the most romantic table at a top restaurant. According to your preferences and personality, we curate an experience unique to you.

The polished itineraries are accomplished by our agents and their ability to listen closely: to our guests; to the service providers with whom we partner. “Throughout the reservation process, we are mindful of guests’ requests and expectations,” Alex said. “We are in tune with our guests so that we can anticipate the activities they may be interested in. We encourage them to think about the details of their vacation far in advance,” so as to ensure a seamless, sensational vacation.

“We strive for that personal touch,” Alex said. “It’s not room service; it’s life service.”