For the past 22 years David Viehman has been producing the Jackson Hole Market Report, which has become the authoritative source of real estate information in the valley. While other market reports rely primarily on information publically available on MLS, which includes less than 70% of all transaction data, through his extensive contacts with appraisers, lenders, and others in the industry, David is able to capture over 95% of all transactions, making the Jackson Hole Market Report the gold standard in our community.

We were thus delighted when David and his team decided to join TCCG Real Estate last month, and we are pleased to present his second quarter report. If you have any questions on the report, or the market in general, just let us know at by clicking the link below or by a phone call to (307) 732-3400. We’d enjoy having the opportunity to share our knowledge of Jackson Hole real estate with you.