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The Clear Creek Group is focused on making sure your home remains safe, sound, and in perfect working order. With an emphasis on making home ownership easy and worry-free, we are here to offer the care required so you can maximize your precious time in Jackson Hole.

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The Clear Creek Group Property Caretaking Management Quality

Quality Caretaking in Jackson Hole, Pioneered by The Clear Creek Group

The Clear Creek Group is proud to manage and represent the most distinctive properties in Jackson Hole. Custom designed and built by renowned architects, designers, and craftsmen, these homes include pristine finishes, furnishings, and artwork.

Our team of caretakers and maintenance experts are adept at addressing the intricacies of each home and deliver the highest quality preventive maintenance. We will
protect, preserve, and enhance the value of your home through meticulous attention to detail. 

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Safe. Sound. Just as you left it.

We’ll make sure your home remains safe, sound, and in perfect working order. The Clear Creek Group takes the hassle out of second home ownership, so you can simply enjoy your time in Jackson Hole. Once you head home or take off on your next adventure, you can remain confident that in your absence, your property will be lovingly cared for. 

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At Your Service, 24 Hours a Day.

Our caretaking team is on call 24 hours a day, working hard to ensure The Clear Creek Group’s ability to provide a swift, qualified response to any issue that may arise.

We consider ourselves to be your asset managers and perform weekly, in-depth inspections of your property. Caring for the day-to-day requirements of your home is our passion. We have developed deep relationships with local tradespeople and specialists to reinforce The Clear Creek Group’s ability to properly focus on your property’s long-range care and management. 

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Committed to developing and maintaining high touch relationships.

The Clear Creek Group is committed to developing and maintaining high-touch relationships with all homeowners as well as the local service providers, vendors, and
tradespeople in Jackson. We have earned a local reputation as the preferred property manager for luxury homes and as a result, many local ambassadors including members of the real estate community, builders, architects, designers, wealth advisers, and existing homeowner clients are confident when referring new homeowners to us. 

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Established in 2005, We Have Years of Experience at Your Disposal

The Clear Creek Group was formed in 2005, and we have acclaimed experience caring for many of the most valuable and unique homes in Jackson Hole. Our team includes highly skilled specialists as well as generalists, who collectively ensure that each home is inspected regularly, and any issues are addressed and rectified in a timely and efficient manner. We act as your eyes and ears in Jackson, helping you care for the day-to-day requirements as well as the long-term care and management of your home. 

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What Our Homeowners Have To Say

Our dedication breeds long-term relationships with clients who need and deserve careful attention. Their homes are sanctuaries, and our consistency is what sets us apart. The praise we receive is both well-earned and appreciated.

WOW!!!!!!!!! It is amazing to see the detailed and impressive job you all do at branding, styling, and marketing all of your properties! Now we are more impressed than ever! I also love the descriptions and stories that you tell about each property and how they evoke a felt sense of what it would be like to visit them. Very cool. Being in the business of being a therapist, my life is all about relationships. Even more impressive than the super professional on line presence that TCCG has, is the way that each and every one of you extends yourselves to form relationships with those that you partner with. That is what makes all the difference in the end!
- Carolyn Vaughan
We have dealt in our lifetime with many property managers in various countries. You are definitely the best!
- Dominique Laffont

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