• Caretaking

    The Clear Creek Group offers truly exceptional caretaking services.

We’ll make sure your home remains safe, sound, and in perfect working order. The Clear Creek Group takes the hassle out of second home ownership, so you can maximize the enjoyment of your precious time in Jackson Hole.  Once you head home or take off on your next adventure, you can remain confident that your property is well cared for in your absence.

Our operations team is on call 24 hours a day, ensuring The Clear Creek Group’s ability to provide a swift, qualified response to any issue that may arise.

We consider ourselves to be your asset managers, performing weekly, in-depth inspections of your home and caring for the day to day requirements of the property. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships with local tradespeople and specialists, and along with our caretaking team, The Clear Creek Group’s maintenance staff will chart your property’s long-range care and management.

Our housekeeping services are conducted at a high standard; they are personalized and include pre-arrival, post-stay, in-residence and seasonal deep-cleans.


TCCG is committed to developing and maintaining high touch relationships with all Homeowners as well as the local service providers, vendors and tradespeople in Jackson. We have earned a local reputation as the preferred property manager for luxury homes and as a result many local ambassadors including realtors, builders, architects, designers, wealth advisers, and existing Homeowner clients are confident referring new Homeowners to us.


TCCG is proud to manage and represent the most exclusive properties across Jackson Hole. Most homes are custom designed and built by renowned architects, designers and craftsmen with highly complicated systems, mechanicals and infrastructure.  Most are appointed with highly valuable finishes, furnishings, and artwork that may require specialized care.  Our Team of Caretakers and Maintenance experts are professionally trained to understand all the intricacies and requirements of each home and will deliver the highest quality routine, regular and preventive maintenance. We will protect, preserve and enhance the value of your home through meticulous attention to detail.


TCCG has more than fourteen years of experience taking care of many of the most valuable and unique homes in Jackson Hole. Our team includes highly skilled specialists as well as generalists, who collectively ensure that each home is inspected at least weekly, and any issues are addressed and rectified in a timely and efficient manner. We consider ourselves to be your asset managers. We act as your eyes and ears in Jackson, helping you care for the day to day requirements as well as the long-term care and management of your home.


Why is it necessary to inspect my home every week?

Your property is a valuable asset. Thorough, weekly inspections are necessary to fulfill our commitment to you. A commitment that your home is ready for use, in immaculate condition, with all systems working properly, and everything in its place.

How will you prepare my home for me or my friends and family?

At the onset of the relationship, leave your home exactly how you like it. We will endeavor to have it setup that way for your arrivals. We also have a Homeowner Stay Request Form on our website, so we can ensure your specific expectations are met each time you arrive. Your dedicated Homeowner Relations Manager will reach out prior to arrival, to confirm any requests and to further ensure your home is precisely how you expect to find it. If you would like the home setup for your guests, much like we would for rental guests, we are happy to do so!

Will you work with my preferred service providers?

Absolutely. If you have an established relationship with a truster service provider, we will work hand-in-hand with them. We also have a list of preferred service providers, based on years of cultivating these relationships, and can reach out to them on your behalf.

“Scott Mele worries about your house, so you don’t have to.”



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Here’s what our homeowners have to say

Your resourcefulness, effectiveness and positive can-do attitude is always appreciated. You’ve been such an awesome help to us, thank you!

– Sheryl & Jeff Flug

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your immediate help with our problem. It was another moment when I thanked our good luck that we had you and the Clear Creek Group helping us with our home, and lives, here in JH. I don’t know how we manage in London without you!

Thank you so much for making the house absolutely perfect for our arrival. The deep clean was really noticeable, and the house never looked better. Thank you! and please let me know if there are others we can thank too, or please pass on this email to the relevant crew.

– Victor Haghani

We have dealt in our lifetime with many property managers in various countries. You are definitely the best!

– Dominique Laffont