Experience Dog Sledding

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Taking a tour via dog sled is one of the most unique and fulfilling ways to absorb the Teton landscape. After a brief orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to drive the team, or you can simply tuck-in and enjoy the ride.

A Dog Sledding Dream

Imagine the enthusiastic cry of the command Mush!” and taking the reins as a team of sled dogs leads you through the Teton wilderness. This is a scenario that need not be confined to the plot of a Jack London novel. Instead, this dream can become a reality by allowing The Clear Creek Group to find just the right dog sledding outfit for you. Moving along in the snow under canine power feels like a connection to ancient winter culture, but this adventure can be had today, in the shadows of the Tetons.

Dense forest and wide-open spaces define your views when choosing a dog sledding adventure, and the tangible closeness to nature makes it all worthwhile. The oldest archeological evidence of this mode of transportation has been dated to around 1,000 A.D. In today’s world, it is not always necessity that drives the pack, but the sheer joy of the experience. And in the Tetons, there are sure to be further amenities that accompany this adventure.

Depending upon your tour selection and the length of time you commit to, you might be enjoying a complimentary lunch or even a dip in natural hot springs. No matter what you choose, feeling close to nature is on every agenda. The Clear Creek Group is happy to aid in a selection that will best fit your schedule.

Winter Soak In Granite Hot Springs

Hot Springs Tour

The unique adventure of dog sledding is elevated to an unexpected level when you choose to include Granite Hot Springs on your full-day tour. Take in the bounty of Mother Nature from a rare perspective, and top it off with a rejuvenating soak.

Snowmobiling To Granite Hot Springs

Custom Group Tour

Teton trails are abundant, and by no means are you required to select a cookie-cutter” tour. Instead, work with a dogsled outfitter to customize your day. The choices are many, and the experience will be once-in-a-lifetime.

Let Us Plan Your 
Perfect Trip

There is so much to do in Jackson Hole. Rush downriver in a kayak. Ride horseback through a sea of golden grass. Cast a line into water clear as the sky, while the fish flash by like stars. There’s hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and of course, skiing. The Clear Creek Group affiliates with the best service providers in the area, people as passionate as we are about providing great experiences. We can arrange anything imaginable, from backcountry pack trips and heli-skiing to the selection of a personal chef.

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