Raft Down The Snake River

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A rafting experience in Jackson Hole does not have to include fast paced rapids. Instead, seek out the scenic float trip as a stunning alternative. Our local rafting guides will educate you on the wildlife that will be seen from this unique vantage point. Feel free to ask questions about the geography beyond the shoreline, the course of the river itself, and the multiple raptors that gracefully dance through the wide-open Teton skies.

Riverside Dining Jackson Wyoming

Dinner Scenic Float

Imagine yourself on a luxury scenic float that takes you to a riverside dining experience that cannot be missed. Your premium cut of fish, beef or wild game will be cooked to order on-site by a personal chef. Languish in your surroundings and let this meal create an indelible memory. Book your float to include a private riverside dining option. Our local river guides want your memories to include a special gourmet menu prepared just for you, along the shoreline.

Whitewater Rafting Jackson Wyoming

Whitewater Trips

Whitewater raft down an eight mile stretch of the Snake River in Class II and III rapids. Witness stunning canyon scenery, calm stretches, and fun rapids that include the two biggest waves, Big Kahuna and Lunchcounter.

Rafting Down The Snake River Teton View Jackson Wyoming

Scenic & Whitewater Combo

Choose the best of both worlds when you book a day of rafting that includes a whitewater experience and a scenic float. Seeing the Tetons from the perspective of our pristine waters will satisfy your senses.

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Perfect Trip

There is so much to do in Jackson Hole. Rush downriver in a kayak. Ride horseback through a sea of golden grass. Cast a line into water clear as the sky, while the fish flash by like stars. There’s hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and of course, skiing. The Clear Creek Group affiliates with the best service providers in the area, people as passionate as we are about providing great experiences. We can arrange anything imaginable, from backcountry pack trips and heli-skiing to the selection of a personal chef.

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