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The grandeur of the Tetons can be absorbed through multiple vantage points, but the exhilaration of a snowmobiling excursion cannot be matched.

Snowmobile Trips in the Tetons

With seemingly endless trails and territory to explore, this method of exploration can be had at multiple speeds. It all depends on how you want to define your own approach. You will be in the hands of local Teton guides, and these folks are experts at assessing what you are ready for, while also being prepared to take you beyond those expectations.

Viewing wildlife and soaking in the unique topography of the Teton region will have you breathless during your personalized tour. The Tetons in winter can seem otherworldly, and the perspective that a snowmobile lends heightens your senses. The advantage of choosing a snowmobiling adventure lies in the sheer accessibility that can be had. You will be taken away from crowds and into a stark mountain wilderness, stopping to absorb a special kind of quiet that allows nature to speak volumes. 

Our team at The Clear Creek Group is ready to choose just the right snowmobiling outfit for you. We tailor our selection to your needs, whether it be an all-day or half-day excursion. If there are novices that need extra attention, experienced and trusted hands will ensure a sense of comfort. The Tetons are considered one of the most spectacular snowmobiling destinations in North America for a reason, and you are about to find out why.

Winter Soak In Granite Hot Springs

Hot springs snowmobile tour

A full day exploring on a snowmobile will be even more enchanting when you plan to visit Granite Hot Springs. Pairing your exhilarating ride with a relaxing soak is an experience like no other. What could be better?

Snowmobiling to Granite Hot Springs Group

Custom group tours

Let the expert snowmobile guides of Jackson Hole tailor a ride just for your group. This could be a half or full day, depending on your schedule. Your party will be accommodated according to your own expectations.

Let Us Plan Your 
Perfect Trip

There is so much to do in Jackson Hole. Rush downriver in a kayak. Ride horseback through a sea of golden grass. Cast a line into water clear as the sky, while the fish flash by like stars. There’s hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and of course, skiing. The Clear Creek Group affiliates with the best service providers in the area, people as passionate as we are about providing great experiences. We can arrange anything imaginable, from backcountry pack trips and heli-skiing to the selection of a personal chef.

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