Jackson Hole’s Three Most-Iconic Restaurants in Historic Cabins

One of the best ways to explore the pioneering culture of Jackson is to enjoy a meal in a historic cabin. In a way, it is like having your cake and eating it too. These dining establishments tell the stories of Jackson’s past through the images on their walls, the tales printed in their menus, and the secrets harbored in their walls — known only by the old-timers. These cabins are some of the oldest buildings in Jackson, dating back close to a century ago and are part of the upcoming History Museum Campus on the southeast block at the corner of Willow and Broadway. Gather round now. It is here that history, good food, and real friends meet.

Café Genevieve

Café Genevieves log cabin exterior first catches your eye as you stroll east from Jackson’s Town Square down the boardwalk on Broadway as the bustle of waiters, clanking dishes, and lively conversations draw your attention to their large wrap-around porch filled with tables and diners. Take a peek inside, and you will find walls painted in robin’s egg blue, dotted with amusing paintings including one of a side-glancing, mischievous looking pig which serves as something of a mascot here — a place known for its Pig Candy”, a bacon lover’s fantasy come true.

A square, wooden frame on one wall showcases the original slat-wood walls of the cabin, exposing the history hidden within. The cabin was first a residence and mercantile built in 1906 by the Van Vleck brothers. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it t is one of the last cabins of its type remaining near the center of town. The café’s namesake, Genevieve Lawton, married one of the Van Vleck brothers, Roy, and in 1920, she was elected to Jackson’s town council, forming the first all-women’s government in the United States, known as the Petticoat Government”.

Café Genevieve’s menu is classic, yet inventive. A vegan will be delighted with the Raw Vegetable Salad and sesame vinaigrette, while the grilled cheese made with Vermont white cheddar coupled with tomato soup is out-of-this-world delicious. They have a friendly staff and brunch is served-up daily.

Persephone Bakery Downtown Jackson Hole

Persephone Bakery & Café

Sandwiched between two log cabins is a delightful, white-washed cottage where oftentimes, there is a line out the door, for good reason. Persephone Bakery is popular with locals and visitors because of its delicious baked goods and its elegant, yet rustic and friendly ambiance which includes a large east deck with outdoor seating.

Persephone Bakery’s cottage is the second of the three historic cabins that will comprise the new History Museum Campus. Built in 1941 with frame construction, a gable roof, and enclosed entry, the cottage, known as The Smith House, is built in a style typical of many houses built during this era. However, now only a handful of them remain in Jackson.

Persephone Bakery serves French-inspired breads and pastries all day, and their lunch menu is focused on fresh seasonal ingredients. Stock up on s’mores supplies with their hand-crafted marshmallows and fresh-baked grahams. After three o’clock, hot drinks and pastries are served on a first-come, first-served basis until closing time.

Healthy Being Juicery Cafe Picnic Tabel of Food Offerings Jackson Hole

Healthy Being Juicery and Wellbeing Market

Healthy Beings expansive yard, shaded by cottonwood trees planted ages ago and filled with picnic tables in summer, attracts those wanting an al fresco experience. Though there are a few tables for diners wishing to be seated within the historic cabin, it’s the outdoor tables that first draw your attention. The pastoral setting gently pulls in the passerby, as does the fruit-scented air wafting from the back kitchen where their organic, healthy options are produced daily.

The iconic, one-story log cabin that houses Healthy Being was built in 1936 and is historically called the Weston House. Built by Stella and Harry Weston to be used as a residence, the well-constructed cabin sits within the original Roy and Genevieve Van Vleck Homestead. Between 1936 and 1990 the location was gradually transformed from a residential area into a prime commercial location. The Weston’s planted the large cottonwood trees that shade the park-like setting today.

Healthy Being serves organic, vegetarian and plant-based food, including house-made, cold-pressed juices, delicious grain bowls and salads, and scrumptious vegan desserts. Their avocado toast on flat-bread is a favorite staple on the menu and can be enjoyed for either breakfast or lunch. You can also find original, health-oriented gifts and books in their small marketplace, which make for memorable keepsakes.

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