Crisis Averted: A Serious Wyoming Storm

“At the end of the day, it’s all about who you surround yourself with,” General Manager Kevin Kavanagh reflects. The Clear Creek Group has protocols in place for homes losing power, running water, or heat, but they had never executed all of them at once in such a large number of homes in three different regions throughout the valley.

Jackson Hole High Mountain Skiing

How to Vacation Jackson Hole: Winter Edition

Our portfolio of luxury rentals provides the perfect homebase for settling into the Jackson Hole groove and making the most of your time in the valley. Even better, we have ideas for how to get out there, whether you’re pursuing a banner week in the snow or something a little more supine. Here’s Vacationing Jackson Hole, cut four ways.

"Montalto" by Maria Teresa Meloni

Art in Context

Working with our inspired friends at WRJ Design, we co-presented an exhibition of Maria Teresa Meloni’s photographs and Marco Caratelli’s tempera paintings. The opening, graciously attended by more than 50 guests, became a celebration of Italian aesthetics.

“Home” for the Holidays in Jackson Hole

One could be excused for confusing Jackson itself with a gingerbread village sporting snow-dusted evergreen trees, deep powder, and a Town Square merrily twinkling with Christmas lights. Of course, the elk antler arches are a hint that this is the holidays alright…yet with a magical twist. Our Clear Creek Group concierge team is on hand to advise and connect our guests with some of the exceptional resources and services. We’re dreaming of a white (and stress-free) Christmas for you and yours.

Prairie's End Master Bedroom

Hearth & Home: Bundle Up Next to These Wow-Worthy Jackson Hole Fireplaces

The word “hearth” is a cognate of Dutch, German, and Old English origin that dates roughly to 900 A.D. Clearly, humans have been trying to get this fireplace thing right for awhile. In Jackson Hole, the quest for the coziest, most hot-cocoa-and-mulled-wine friendly fireplace continues unabated.

Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival: A Small Town Art Scene That’s Anything But Sleepy

There’s something all-too-familiar and yet bittersweet about the shift to fall air in Jackson Hole; it’s that new found edge on the breeze, the twilight deepening at ever-earlier hours, and–if you happen to be in town at the moment–you may notice an influx of visitors blowing in on the autumn wind as well. These would […]


Tayloe Piggott believes people need art in their lives. By basing her blue-chip art business in this majestic environment, she finds resonance between people’s profound connection with place and the potential to profoundly connect with the art. Both art and nature sustain our souls. As they have hers: A Virginia native, she stopped in Jackson […]

Sweetwater Gondola Construction at JHMR

When the blades spin, skiers and snowboarders grin We are fortunate to have Jackson Hole Mountain Resort playing such a prominent role in our community. They are as committed to the valley as they are to improving the ski area, and improving it they most certainly are! In recent years, not only have we witnessed […]

Community Core

Historically, the market anchored civilization, as in the agora of ancient Greece and the forum of ancient Rome. Now, the concept pervades the modern world with souks, bazaars and mercados serving as the centers of their communities. In Jackson Hole, the market custom has come to life in the form of Pearl Street Market and […]

Ranch Stars

March is just around the corner and I’ve started thinking of the many gatherings that are about to take place. With two of my roommates having birthdays next month, a visit from my mom, and at least one going away party for a good friend moving to Georgia, I decided on one of my mom’s […]

Ode to the Fireplace 

While much of the country begins its spring thaw, Jackson remains cloaked in snow. Still bundled in layers outside and blankets in, Jackson residents consider February the halfway mark of the season. Thoroughly set in our winter ways, we have firmly established our cold-nipped habits – prime among them doing everything fireside. As such, fireplaces […]

Granite Hot Springs by Fat Bike

  The day started off slowly… …much like any other relaxing Sunday morning. After a leisurely breakfast at home and an unsuccessful Sunday Times crossword attempt, my wife Sara, and I decided to spend the day gallivanting around the woods. We’ve both been so focused on our own activities lately (dance for her, snowboarding for me), that we literally hadn’t done […]

Essential Arrangements

If there were one verb to perfectly illustrate the Jackson Hole experience it might be discover. From all over the world our guests travel to Jackson Hole in search of the unexpected – occasions of momentary surprise, recreational triumphs, the forgotten tranquility of a long overdue retreat. The process of discovery is an inexorable highlight […]

White Chili

Another great year has come and gone and with the new year comes a renewed focus on eating better and increasing exercise in an effort to make this the best year yet! Embracing this trend while keeping with the savory “Beets Eats” recipe switch-up, I chose to feature a healthy soup this month. Each winter, my mom always made two […]

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Hospitality means making guests feel at home even when far from home. Essential to that feeling is the presence of a trusted network. Knowing Jackson Hole as well as we do, TCCG introduces our guests to our friends – fellow small-businesses with deep roots in the valley who take pride in providing the best service […]

Breakfast In A Blanket

The holidays are here which means extra time spent with friends and family, snow (at least in Jackson), and of course, scrumptious treats! With sweet foods receiving much fanfare during the holiday season, it seemed appropriate to switch things up for the next few posts: Welcome to Beets Eats where I will shift recipes from the sweet to the savory. Breakfast […]

Shooting Star Cabin 1, A Reintroduction

Dear Friends- The Clear Creek Group is fortunate to represent a fine collection of distinctive homes across the vast Jackson Hole valley. Cabins, condos, lodges, villas… however they differ in design and decor, they are all under the loving care of The Clear Creek Group. Each and every visitor to those homes is promised personal, […]

Shop ‘Til You Drop… out of the mainstream market

“Shop Local,” a phrase popular among national marketers, is an authentic instinct in Jackson, particularly during the holidays. Jacksonites take pride in supporting the local businesses that make Town Square unique and useful.  To reward such loyalty, a group of Teton retailers have banded together to further incentivize holiday shopping at home: The Holiday Passport […]

Winter Wonderland

There is winter – the sparkly scenes from magazine spreads – and then there is winter – the long, deep freeze that cloaks Jackson Hole. As serious as winter is around here, locals make the most of the snowy season by being serious about their pastimes. While downhill skiing often steals the spotlight, a host […]

Leaf Peepin’

Autumn finds the valley awash in gold and crimson, a blanket as vibrant as it is fleeting. Recent rains have washed many trees of their colorful coats, but palette pockets remain. Pack your car (and knapsack) and spend the day chasing the colorful flora of fall. Don’t forget your bear spray and appetites. Come fall, […]

Curating Memories

Seasoned travelers now choose villa rentals over hotel accommodations for a myriad of reasons. Spacious amenities, privacy and a sense of place can only be provided by a well-appointed residence. And yet, a luxury home alone cannot compare to the services of a fine hotel; The Clear Creek Group elevates villas into full-service rentals by […]

Welcome To Fish Creek Lodge 1

Hello all, and happy fall! You probably know by now that The Clear Creek Group takes fabulous care of houses as well as guests! And because of this, we have been able to blend our personal and professional lives to such an extent that our clients and Clear Creek Group guests often become our friends. […]

A River Runs Through It

Weather permitting, fall is prime time for fishing the Tetons. Although this week’s deluge has presented a doozy: showers usually inspire fish to rise, but the steady downpour of recent days has turned the Snake River a shade of latte – too murky even for fish’s intrepid appetites. According to our resident expert Reynolds Pomeroy, […]

Ice Cream Cake

Although summer is winding down and the mercury doesn’t climb as high as it did in July, ice cream still remains the go-to treat here in Jackson. As a child, my Mom would often make her own version of ice cream cake, always eliciting rave reviews. Her flavors of choice were vanilla and strawberry. I was never a big fan of […]

Fall Arts Festival: A Colorful Celebration

A cowboy and his trusted steed lean rakishly away from an identified threat. His stirrup shatters the glassy sheeny of Jackson Lake, and the cragged crest of Mount Moran looms in the background. The high-drama, large-scale canvas, “13 Minutes from Eternity” by acclaimed cowboy artist Bill Schenck, epitomizes the color and character of the Jackson […]

Chocolate Beet Cake

A recent confectionary trend has been the substitution of vegetables for sweeter ingredients offering unlikely yet complimentary flavors. Zucchini is a logical substitution as it’s lighter flavor profile and smooth texture coupled with high water content yields mild but predictable results. I began to wonder what other vegetables could be integrated into recipes and go […]

Equine Healing

“When I bestride him, I soar; I am a hawk.” William Shakespeare understood the powerful relationship between rider and horse, as he wrote in Henry V. So too did a trio of Jackson women who in 1993 founded the Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association. Starting with a couple of steeds and a handful of volunteers, […]

Moving Art

Pure artistry alights on Jackson this Summer with the much-anticipated return of New York City Ballet. What began as an experiment six years ago has grown into an annual residency at Dancers’ Workshop. Every year, the world-renowned company sends a rotating troupe of dancers, musicians and choreographers West. The intrepid crew, aptly named New York […]

Double the Bounty

Summer markets inspire a breezy routine attune to seasonal rhythms: Hopping on a cruiser, riding into town with grocery totes in tow, surveying the harvest on the first lap, pausing for a beverage, and then diving into decision making on lap two. Friend sightings pepper the excursion and the junket ends with a blanket unfurled […]

Let’s go, let’s show, let’s rodeo

Modern Jackson Hole is multifaceted with the sophisticated and the sublime running parallel to the Tetons. Even so, certain elements carry as much weight today as they did decades ago when Jackson’s Hole was more rough and tumble than refined. In the continuum of western heritage, rodeo remains integral to our identity. “We’d bet a […]

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

This weekend was the season finale of Game of Thrones and we celebrated at a friend’s house with a big cookout and viewing party. Naturally, I wanted to bake something but found myself a bit short on time. With the clock ticking, I went to one of my most trusted, no-fail recipes: Chocolate Crackle Cookies. They’re simple, delicious, […]

A Western Tradition: Guns Blazing

Jackson Hole is a peaceful place, save for the gunshots that ring out near nightly on Town Square. But even they are done in good fun. Like all lively traditions, the Jackson Hole Shootout began with a rowdy legend hatched in 1957 as a way to lure visitors to town. Its exact genesis remains a mystery: could […]

A Local Vibration: The Contour Music Festival

In phonetics, contour describes sounds which make an internal transition from one quality, place, or manner to another. For all of its acclaimed icons and Western cues Jackson Hole is a constantly evolving terminus of many cultural and creative interpretations. There are perhaps few better examples for the contours of Jackson’s diverse appeal than the […]

Peanut Butter Sheet Cake

You may have heard of Texas Sheet Cake, well this is a twist on that recipe where peanut butter is substituted for chocolate. These cakes are easy to make and great to take to any summer gathering like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. What sets them apart from other cakes is their glaze-like frosting. […]

Wild West Weekends

“Only in Jackson Hole,” a phrase bandied about a lot, never rings more true than in May when ElkFest and Old West Days descend on downtown. Wildly western, these weekend events nod to long-standing traditions while simultaneously showcasing modern adaptions to life in the mountains. The spring spectacle begins this Saturday, May 16 with ElkFest […]

Best-Kept Spring Secret: Park Biking

We want to let you in on one of Jackson Hole’s best-kept secrets: April is the best month for biking in the Grand Tetons. This may seem antithetical considering the capricious nature of spring in the mountains, but trust us: For one-month only, the Teton Park Road becomes a wide pathway open only to non-motorized […]

Lemon Blueberry Bread

Spring is definitely in the air here in Jackson, WYO. The “snowbirds” who sought refuge in warmer climates have begun their return, skis are getting a coat of storage wax and are shelved in favor of two-wheeled steeds, and the hearty meals of winter are replaced with decidedly lighter fare. Accordingly, my spring shopping lists […]

A Seasonal Celebration

Sunday brunch is a foreign concept in Jackson. Weekend days exist to be filled with adventure, not spent sitting down at a table as servers do all of the exercise. After the whirlwind of winter, the off-season offers a rare chance to take a Sunday off, and why not make it Easter Sunday when brunch […]

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” –Ruth Reichl

Dear friends, Since the beginning, I have wanted to share experiences from my heart on this blog; like my ever-growing passion for the area, the people who have come into my life, and of course, the food. Ah, the food. How anyone can cook like the outstanding chefs I have met in Jackson Hole is […]

A Menu For the People, By the People

The democratic process has never been so delicious. True to its subtitle, Gather: The Food and Wine Experience exposes its menu to experiential development by hosting Tuesday Tastings at 2. The weekly lunchtime event welcomes palates ready to pick up apart a selection of specials slated to appear on the dinner menu. Each chef prepares […]

The Clear Creek Group Welcomes Pines Garden 4050

Hello dear friends! We have a new house in The Clear Creek Group portfolio that I’m very excited about: Pines Gardens 4050. The location is nothing short of fantastic. Located on the Westbank, The Pines and Aspens are two side-by-side residential communities, tied together at their entrances by an absolutely charming retail area. It has a […]

Beets Sweets — Pi(e) Day

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. As you may remember from math class years ago, Pi is the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter and is a constant number meaning that no matter what the size of the circle, Pi will always be the same. Another unique things about […]

Jackson Hole Rendezvous: And the Party Never Ends…

Trading beaver caps for trucker hats, the jovial spirit of historic Rocky Mountain rendezvous inspires the lively, musical rendition hosted every March by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. To celebrate the winter season, the Resort throws the Jackson Hole Rendezvous – a four-day fête featuring a series of big-name bands and fun-for-all events, all staged outdoors […]

C is for [High-Concept] Cookies

Cookie Monster may have been on to something essential: a cookie can instantly conjure joy. Something about the sugar and texture make it a feel-good treat for all ages. With so many cookies to choose from, the shaggy Muppet knew the chocolate-chip varietal packed particular potency. And in Jackson, the high-altitude inspires high-concept interpretations of […]

Beets Sweets — Classic Cheesecake

Since my household consists of three single ladies, we decided to celebrate “Galentine’s Day” with Thai food from our favorite local spot Teton Thai and homemade cheesecake! I have never made a cheesecake before as it always seemed a little intimidating. My roommate Katy works in the pastry kitchen at a local hotel and assured […]

Growing a Collection: In Scope, By Votes, Through Conversation

A museum’s collection can seem mysterious, built over decades of donations, purchases and commissions, driven by an enigmatic curatorial eye. On exhibit, the collection appears complete, carefully woven so as to show no sign of dangling or missing threads. In reality, an institutional collection is an ever-evolving organism, nurtured by museum leaders, trustees and patrons. […]

Down the Hatch, Chicly

Three water refills, a clean table and cleared-out neighbors – all clues that our group was lingering, reluctant to end our night at Hatch. In a town peppered with Mexican fare, the brand new Hatch Taqueria & Tequilas adds a chic element to the mix. Think San Miguel de Allende meets Restoration Hardware – a […]

Beets Sweets — German Chocolate Cake

I asked my mom for a delicious German Chocolate Cake recipe and she passed along this one from the 1969 edition of The Betty Crocker Cookbook. She originally made this for my dad’s birthday back in 1977 when they were still dating as he had a particular affinity for this dessert and she really wanted to […]

Lock, Stock and Barrel-Aged

Oak barrels, long the domain of wine and whiskey, are now associated with a trend in cocktails: bartenders the world over are aging libations in oak for weeks on end. Barrel aging softens and deepens the palette experience, making classics like Manhattans all the more enticing. Each ingredient maintains its distinctive characteristics, and yet, the […]

Welcome to Spirit Dance Lodge

  It has been a magical winter so far, and today is a bright, cold, brilliant day. The sky is bluer than blue, the sun’s scattering armloads of glitter over the deep snow (77” on the mountaintops!). When you’re on the slopes, it seems like you’re skiing through fairy dust: turn your tips and the […]

Insights from a Concierge: New Years Eve in Jackson Hole

New Year’s Eve, in many places, can feel like much ado about nothing. Not so in Jackson Hole, where we bid farewell to a full year by spending a full day outside. Bookend your adventure with hearty meals and you get a truly Teton send-off – a schema sketched by two of our Concierges, Carly […]

Making Christmas Bright: The Ubiquitous Checklist

Santa wasn’t the only one checking his list twice this Christmas Eve. Before our guests arrive, we complete an exhaustive checklist spanning all manner of details, from fresh flowers to water furnaces. Honored to host our clients over the holidays, we invest great care into every component of their stay. Follow along as we do […]

Beets Sweets — Fudge

As the holidays approach I am filled with memories of helping my mom bake for our family back in Indiana. One of my favorite recipes is my Great Aunt Kate’s Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge. The fudge is delicious and even the beginner baker can master it! Different types of chocolate can be used to […]

Après Vous, Mon Cher

The food culture in Jackson Hole is delightfully eccentric. With a vast array of notable restaurants scattered throughout the valley, Jacksonites can  have a difficult time selecting a menu that will satisfy their sophisticated dinner cravings. Whether one opts for the colorful sushi spread at Nikai or a gourmet buffalo steak at the Snake River Grill, a chilly […]

Beets Sweets — Sugar Cream Pie

By day, Chelsea Beets is one of our top-notch reservation specialists here at The Clear Creek Group, helping to create dream-like Jackson Hole experiences for our guests. By night, you’ll often find Chelsea in her kitchen, crafting scrumptious culinary fare that is no less dreamy. From delicate scratch-made pastries and treats, to some of the best Midwest comfort dishes ever conceived, […]

Merry Halloween

The days surrounding Halloween have always possessed a certain confidence, a reassurance to all that Autumn is at its peak. In more temperate climates, you’d be able to identify all the Martha Stewart Living-esque leaf arrangements, festive lawn decorations and window dressings as you traipse through your local neighborhoods. However, in Jackson, where the blustery, […]

The Book Lover’s Holler

In the wake of a busy schedule, countless meetings, phone calls and the unending “ding” of new e-mail alerts, sometimes the most reassuring solace lies in the pages of a good book. It’s in this moment where you allow an author to chip away the monotony of the outside world and lead you by the […]

The Shift

When it comes to autumn in Jackson Hole, the first thing you notice is the warmth. While there’s always a chance there could be a wave of Indian Summer heat that tricks you into thinking shorts are still appropriate attire in October, this particular warmth has nothing to do with temperature. The ground has already […]

Habitat For Humanity Volunteer Day

Habitat For Humanity is a fantastic organization and one that The Clear Creek Group is proud to support. On Thursday, September 25th, a large gathering of TCCG employees joined the team of established volunteers and professionals on Wheatleigh Drive in East Jackson where four beautiful single-family units are being constructed. With perfect weather and plenty of tasks laid out […]


Showcase of Homes, hosted by Homestead Magazine Friday, September 12th & Saturday, September 13th 11:00AM – 4:00PM The Clear Creek Group is delighted to sponsor this year’s Jackson Hole Showcase of Homes. Join us for a self-guided tour of four distinctive homes around the Valley. Find design inspiration and connect with the professionals that help […]

A good time to say it again…..My heart still belongs to Jackson Hole.

Dearest Friends; As everyone who has fallen in love knows, there are few experiences which match the intensity of the early days of a love affair. The world is suddenly very much alive. Music takes on special meaning. Sunrises and sunsets become transcendent experiences. And the most common everyday activities like going for a walk, […]

BLT Soup with 3 Minute Perfect Poached Egg/Snake River Farms Bacon

Remember those perfect poached eggs used in Chef Jarrett Schwartz’s April 23 blog post? Well grab some more of those local eggs and try his BLT Soup recipe topped with a perfectly poached egg and Snake River Farms Bacon crumbles, no…. chunks! Absolutely devine! Gordon Gregory, (, is not only an excellent photographer but also […]

Tis Egg Season in Jackson, Wyoming

Hello all, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and HAPPY SPRING!!! This early in the season it’s sometimes hard to tell in Jackson Hole that it is actually, truly, for-real Spring. But you can’t fool the animals. They know long before we do that the season is making its great, galactic shift. Proof positive: yesterday, I saw […]

Nestled deep in the Snake River Canyon and along the river’s edge, Cabin 91-Snake River Sporting Club.

Dearest friends- Where do I spend most of my time in Jackson? Outdoors, where else?  The Snake River Sporting Club, tucked between the river and the mountains, is the perfect spot to watch the winter flurries fly by, catch the spring trout, take a leisurely tube float down the river or watch the fall migration […]

Welcome, Spring, to Jackson Hole-
A love letter to the season.

Welcome, Spring, to Jackson Hole. We’re a snow-loving town, but you make our hearts sing. That sweet light air like a cowboy’s kiss. The lemony green of newborn leaves. The birdsong, rising again. It’s true love. You’ll see: walk around the streets of town, hike the trails, sit beside a rushing river, and you’ll see […]

Spring Is Here, Soak It Up!

  A wonderful thing is a Jackson Hole spring – The skiing is easy, the snow’s deep and birds sing The slopes are not crowded, the lift lines not long And dinner reservations can be had for a song. As spring turns to summer the rivers they roar The cutthroat trout’s jumping, the air balloons […]